Which Weight Loss Pills Actually Works ?

Is every weight loss product as effective as it is generally exposed? Does every dietary supplement manage to deliver the promising results? Have you ever been a victim of weight loss scam? If yes, then trust me, you are not the only one to suffer! The list is long!

Unfortunately, there isn’t ‘all good’ about the weight loss industry. It is filled with scams, hoaxes and frauds! No doubt, it is one of the most profitable and growing industry, however, is regularly fueled with cheap and harmful products every now and then. But despite having a major share of ineffective products, the pie does have a ‘positive’ share. There are products that have proven to work effectively and have come up to the users expectations.

To somehow, deal with the problems associated with weight loss industry, we decided to shortlist some very effective and worth suggesting weight loss supplements to our readers! Never to forget mentioning that it is an attempt to ‘counter’ and prevent the hoaxes, you may become a victim of!

So, what are these, lets get to know below:


The top most effective, sold and recommended diet pill is PhenQ. The product is more like an identity in the industry that has set a benchmark for its potential competitors. PhenQ, is also said to be the hope of those who have given up hope! With a revolutionary formula and promising results, PhenQ can give you the edge to speedy weight shedding. The product includes a fusion of some highly powerful ingredients that are proven to assist weight loss in a most effective and definite manner.

How it works: PhenQ suppresses hunger, giving you the power to get a hold on your hunger. As known, hunger adds to calories which pushes you back from your weight loss goals, thus, controlling hunger is utmost important to ensure you are going on the right track. In addition to this, PhenQ also paces metabolism that is extremely essential for the fast burning of calories and fat. A well paced metabolism is also good for the upgrading of our energy levels. And to conclude, PhenQ also promotes fat burning.

Side effects of PhenQ: The product does not possess side effects and its usage is considered to be safe. Though, it contains caffeine, which may instigate an allergic reaction for people with caffeine sensitivity.

PhenQ can aid in cutting 8 to 10 lbs a month, if combined with regular exercises and a healthy diet.

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Phen375 is often compared to Phentermine, all because of its weight cutting effects. The product too, is extremely effective in shedding weight and is also, praised for its weight management properties. The backbone of its effectiveness is believed to be the powerful ingredients it contains, all that are proven to facilitate weight loss. Due to its effectiveness and safe nature, the product has managed to make its way to the top most effective weight loss pills.

How it works: Phen375 is an appetite suppressant that aims to limit the consumption of calories. Powerful ingredients present in Phen375 enables you to control your hunger pangs which are a direct source of calories. When this happens, you simply manage to reduce your calorie intake. Other than curbing hunger, phen375 also helps to boost metabolism. A boosted metabolism is charged enough to help your body annihilate all the excess fat efficiently. Phen375 also prevents your body from making fat in glut and fuels up the fat burning process.

Side effects of Phen375: Normally, it does not cause side effects due to its natural ingredients. However, caffeine content present in the formula of phen375 may trigger allergic reaction to the ones with sensitivity.

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Then there is green coffee bean extract, the weight loss supplement that is supported and endorsed by Dr. Oz. The core ingredient of the product is of course, green coffee bean which is studied to assist weight loss. Manufacturers of this product claims that it can work for every single person, no matter what body type you have and how unresponsive your body is to weight loss products. Besides the weight loss effects, green coffee bean extract is linked with a plethora of health benefits, which makes it the key to healthy weight loss.

How it works: Green coffee bean holds a very crucial compound known as chlorogenic acid. Research says that the compound can greatly aid in revving up metabolic activities. Apart from this, green coffee bean extract is also potent enough to suppress hunger. It also aids your body in removing the unneeded fat, which ultimately results in lowering your body fat percentage. As mentioned earlier, green coffee bean is linked with a number of health benefits.  For example it helps in sharpening concentration, reducing the chances of diabetes, regulating blood pressure and detoxifying your liver!

Side effects of green coffee bean extract: The natural ingredients present in the product simply reduces the likelihood of potential side effects, however, since it also includes caffeine, thereby, the chances of allergic reaction exist for those sensitive to it.



Garcinia cambogia is another hope for those who have given up trying fad diets and weight loss products. Garcinia cambogia is the core ingredient used in the formulation of this product which is actually, a fruit. Research suggests that garcinia cambogia can greatly assist in weight loss. The product is amongst the most promising weight loss supplements that have proven to be effective.

How it works: Garcinia cambogia, the fruit extract simply inhibits your body’s ability to absorb more fat. Not just this, it also hinders the making of fat by your body. Garcinia cambogia includes a crucial compound called HCA. HCA, impacts the production of citrate lyase, an enzyme that assists in the conversion of unneeded carbs into energy. The enzyme also plays a role in the stocking of fat. And last, but not the least, the fruit holds appetite suppressing powers which makes it product that is guaranteed to facilitate weight loss.

Side effects: Garinia cambogia is amongst the most safest and natural products of the current times. It does not possess side effects due to its natural ingredients. Approved by FDA, the product can be safely used for the weight loss and weight management purposes.



And the last, worth suggesting and trusting weight loss supplement is raspberry ketones. The product is greatly supported by Dr. Oz, for whom, it is the miracle fat burner and the key to successful weight loss. Apart from helping you get in shape, the product can deliver a number of health benefits for the ‘upgrading’ of your health. Raspberry ketones is one of the most preferred and sought after diet pills nowadays. It bears fruit for all, no matter whatsoever your body type is and no matter what your gender is. If you are overweight and are seeking a weight loss product can help you slim down and boost your overall health then raspberry ketones is the diet pill aimed for you.

How it works: Raspberry ketones is basically the chemical obtained through raspberries. Research says that raspberry ketones can promote the production of adiponectin, which holds great significance in pacing the basal metabolic rate. As known, we take in calories through our meals. As per an estimation, we take 2000 calories a day, whereas manage to burn one forth of it. A speedy metabolism ‘processes’ with calories and fat, so that more and more of these can be removed from our body. When more fat are removed, our body is left with fewer of these to be saved. This, ultimately impacts our body fat percentage. As said, raspberry ketones hold many other health benefits apart from its weight loss effects. It contains antioxidants which helps our body to flush out all the detrimental substances present within. This detoxification of impure dirt is highly essential for the betterment of our health. Well, the benefits of raspberry ketones do not end here. The compound present in the supplement, raspberry ketones also helps to fortify our body’s defense system, yes, the immune system. As known, our immune system is what can keep us safe from the foreign substances. Substances that can make us sick and bed-ridden!

Side effects: The product is least likely to produce negative effects, all due to the natural ingredients it utilizes to work. However, to avoid potential side effects associated with over dosage, one should strictly, stick to the suggested dose!

So, these were the top five weight loss supplements that have benefitted millions, all over the globe. Not only these products have worth, but are also safe to be used! Saying this would not be wrong that weight loss supplements like these are the economical and safe option against ‘full-of risks’ and expensive liposuction! So, if you are against weight loss surgeries and in favor of natural means to reduce weight, then weight loss supplements, is the option you can simply review!

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