The Celebrities Diets; Could They Be Safe?

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Celebrities around the globe have been prone to consuming a plethora of diets to maintain the required body shape. With so much emphasis on body shape and figure in today’s changing world, celebrities have made it a habit to consume these diet plans.

Losing weight is basically a very strenuous process, a process which requires the average person to burn the midnight oil and some extra fat as well by following a set of routine exercises and diets. In this rapidly changing world, all this strenuous work has been replaced with varied diet plans which are now considered a lagniappe by every modern day celebrity. The weight loss diets do show wonders, but there is always an invisible risk factor involved in them.

Some of the very popular diet plans consumed by celebrities are.

  • Raw Meal Diet
  • The Maple Syrup Diet Plan
  • Cabbage Soup Diet Plan
  • The Macrobiotic Diet Plan

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Raw Meal Diet

The Raw meal diet requires the individual consuming it to have all sorts of raw meal. The plan also consists of meat, which makes it a bit unsuitable for health. The diet limits the effect of baking the food and hence provides the individual with the implication of a raw diet. A raw diet is not really suitable for health, and can result in a plethora of body malfunctions.

Some of them being kidney problems, eye bacterial problems and in some cases nausea as well. Celebrities have been found ignoring the health implications when going for weight loss and have tried this diet plan. Popular actress Demi Moore was a big fan of this diet and followed it on many instances for rapid success. The fact that this diet plan is not nutritionally healthy for the body makes it a no go area for all health conscious professionals. You might find yourself losing some weight, but the risk is just not worth it.

The Maple Syrup Diet Plan (The Grasp Cleanse Diet)

The maple syrup diet plan is a rather easy to follow plan which requires an individual to avoid meals of all sorts and just consume a cocktail which is made up of maple syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper. The diet plan is supposed to be followed for more than 10 days and can do wonder to ones physique. Celebrities have been found consuming this diet plan, the most prominent of them being Beyonce Knowles, who refrained from eating meals of all sorts for a role in a film. All she did was to drink a cocktail which had all the required ingredients in it. She ended up losing up to 20 lbs in two weeks. The maple syrup diet plan is a temporarily effective solution to obesity issues as the weight comes rolling back after some time.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The Cabbage soup diet plan requires the consumer to replace every food item on the dining table with a bowl of cabbage soup. This diet plan requires the consumption of cabbage soup to extreme levels and is found to be really unhealthy. This consumption of cabbage soup is not recommended by professionals and might bring many health implications. Some of the issues associated with the cabbage soup diet plan are general upsetting, flatulence and a lot more visits to the lavatory. This diet plan is considered to be very fluke as the lost pounds will soon find their way back into your body after one is done with the diet. Hollywood A-lister Sarah Michelle Geller has been found consuming this diet plan on a lot of occasions. The diet plan does make you lose some weight, but most of the lost weight is water, which means that as mentioned above, the weight loss is really temporary.


The Macrobiotic Diet Plan

The macrobiotic diet plan requires all individuals following it to consume just live whole grains, live and prepared vegetables and miso soup. The mention of vegetables and grains might make it sound like a healthy option but going two weeks without poultry or meat can have lasting effects. Loss of iron, calcium and even proteins will mean that the individuals consuming it will feel more tired and fatigued. Among popular celebrities Madonna is known for consuming this diet plan and is a huge fan of it.

All these celebrity diet plans mentioned above do the basic job of reducing weight loss but they can’t be trusted with the longevity of the weight loss. The sense of fatigue and other body malfunctions is associated with all of these diets, which can have a negative effect on one’s body. Some celebrities also consume a Diet pills called Meratol which drastically increases the metabolism rate as foods gets burnt down faster than ever. The slimming supplements in meratol make it a healthy option as it reduces the appetite suppressant while simultaneously providing the entire body with much needed vigor, hence the body remains flawless and healthy throughout the process, something not associated with the many diet plans.

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