SuperGreens Powder with 17 Super Fruits & Vegetables

A Powerful Blend Of Fruits, Vegetables & Antioxidants In One Convenient Blend For Optimum Health & Nutrition…

Super green is an extremely nutrient-density powerhouse, a mixture of 17delecious, natural fruits, vegetables and antioxidants in a single beneficial blend for excellent flawless ideal health and nutrition. So are you not exactly a veggie person? Or as much busy that you cannot take care of your nutritional intake? Are you conscious about your health?

Then super green is your biggest solution providing you antioxidants, vitamins & fiber to gain the desired health and nutrition level you want. Perfect for adding to smoothies, juices and foods to help increase your intake of fruit and vegetables.

Because Super Greens contains the very best ingredients for your ideal health needs. So if you are one of those looking forward to improve health but not having time to manage the diet chart but curious to improve your health then this is your news evolution slimming providing you with the best blend of naturally combined ingredients called SUPER GREENS –NUTRITIONAL POWDER and yes I know what you want to listen without any negative side effects.


  • The quick and easy step towards your improved health and nutrition
  • Add fruit and veggie in take to your diet
  • Simple to use
  • Providing antioxidants, vitamins & fiber.
  • Even suitable for children

SUPER GREEN POWDER is a perfect blend for those busy people who don’t have time to do nutritional charts or diet charts and not having enough time to cook them for   for those who are not really  the veggie peoples listen this is big news for you to maintain your health again because these all “to cook veggie” is a thing of past to go with all the beneficial and essential needed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics, nutrient herbs and protein in your body you just have to mix a scoop of SUPERGREENS in your glass. It help supports energy and enhance vitality.

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SUPER GREENS are manufactured on the thought that most of the people in the world are not taking their balanced diet or not consuming required and right amount of fruits and vegetables. And these wrong type of food are acidic in nature upsetting our body`s pH level Super green powder is on the mission to more alkaline your body Ph and providing our daily intake with better aspects of nutrition by adding vegetables and fruits to it.

As most of us don’t have enough time to freshly prepare fruits and vegetables every day that’s why super greens powder providing you the significant amount of fruits vegetables and anti-oxidants in a way to gain your balanced diet format raise our nutrition intake levels to the desired ones with which you can result with sharper mental focus ,less tiredness and set our body to appropriate levels of health.


ALFALFA– Alfalfa is a source of vitamins A, C, E, and K4; and minerals calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and iron.

SPIRULINA– Spirulina & other kinds of algae are used as a source of dietary protein, B-vitamins, and iron.

BROCCOLI- Broccoli is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants that have proven health benefits

TOMATOES– They have anti-oxidant properties as they are high sources of vitamin C and vitamin A.

WHEAT GRASS– Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium and magnesium.


SUPER GREENS are available in a 500gm tub so just simply add a single scoop of powdered form super greens using the included plastic scoop to 200ml of water, juice or smoothies mix and reap the rewards of instant health benefits, it can also be added to soups and foods to help improve their nutritional value.


RESEARCHES have shown that this unmatchable blend can enhance the goodness of some fruits and vegetables to your diet that can lead to some fantastic results. Over some time these products are making their self-acceptable in health industries the evidences are there as well by scientific view that medical experts are having their faith in this product and believe on its abilities. The industry found thought such quantities of veggie and fruits in diet can lead our body to the next level of nutrition and balanced ph.


There is no refund policy.

It might contain fruits and vegetables, but is not a direct substitute for them.


In support of our review we suggest you this high- value product of evolution slimming SUPER GREENS it happens to be manufactured by a wide spread brand and while considering the prices we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you this magical blend of nutrients it is found to be the most vital nutritional powder to gain the quick and speedy fix of your veggie and fruits need and all of the benefits and advantages of them as it contains countless essentials of fruits and vegetables.

So step up in a fully different mode of balanced diet and health by maintaining your Ph. levels and sufficient antioxidants hassle free. SUPER GREENS could be a really worthwhile solution that is unmatchable agains some of the other premium substitutes.

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