Step By Step Instructions to Eat Sugar to Lose Weight

Let me tell you one thing consuming a lot of sugar is not going to do good to you, or as long as your weight loss is concerned. People will tell you if you want to shed pounds you have to abstain from sugar totally, but the fact of the matter is this is not true at all.

You don’t have to totally quit sugar from your life; everything God has made has a purpose in our life. Sugar is much needed for the proper functioning of our body. A number of herbs and herbal medicines contain sugar and are of absolute advantage.

There are tons of information on the internet about sugar and weight loss, don’t get confused with that, all you need to understand the role of sugar in different diet plans and how does sugar plays role in a quest of weight loss. In any weight loss program, diet plays an important role, well as far as sugar is concerned it has a lot to do with it.

Eating such things which we can say that are totally soaked in sugar has a greater impact on your weight loss program. What you need to understand is that how to properly incorporate sugar in your diet so that it becomes handiest for you.

Contrary to keeping you self away from sugar totally, we are here taking the liberty to tell you some practical and easy methods by which you can eat sugar in your diet plan and lose weight at the same time.

So let us begin!

Go Natural:

First thing first, there is no difference of sugar in foods that is none is better than others. But a fine line can be drawn between synthetic added sugar and naturally occurring sugar in different substances.  According to a notable dietician Georgie Fear, the composer of the book lean habits for lifelong weight loss, a banana contains more fiber and energy, various types of fats than a brownie.

To your amazement, we must also tell you that a banana has a far greater amount of sugar than a brownie. The amateur dieticians will tell you to refrain from sugary food, but the fact is sugary food are enriched with other classy nutrients that are really very good for health. So instead of focusing only on the sugar content and discarding its use may not be as good as you think.



Sugar with other nutrients

Fear says she tells her clients to take sugar with the nutrients like proteins, or fats, by fats we mean here little amount of healthy fats. These nutrients balance out the effects of sugar and lower its retention in the blood stream. It returns eradicates the chances of fluctuation in the glucose level of the body and overall energy.

These blood sugar spikes could be highly dangerous in the long run and may cause, insulin disturbance in the body and will make you crave more for food which is not at all good for your weight loss

The benefit taking sugary substances with the proteins and fiber is they make you feel fuller so carving for food is lessened.

More sugar around workout

Well according to Miss Fear you have to consume more sugary substances around workout, it will provide you with the energy to get going with your workout routine. According to a research done by Syracuse University after along hard session of weight loss program, the sugar level of the body downs by 15%. In order to keep it leveled, you can consume more sugary substance in and around working.

But let this be in your mind that working out is not at all an excuse for deviating from the plan and gorging every sweet thing down the throat.

Sugar and coffee not a perfect match

According to Georgie Fear, you need to stop taking sugar with you coffee. This might be a little harsh but this is the fact, the caffeine in the coffee inhibits body to process sugar. A study published in an American journal revealed that people who take coffee with the sugary meal there blood sugar level raised by 16%. This may cause your body cells to less responsive to insulin and may result in short term insulin hindrance.

Cinnamon could be helpful

No matter what type of sweet you are shoveling down the throat, using a bit of sprinkled cinnamon may help you from the effects of high sugar. It not only keeps the craving for food away but also keeps lethargies and frequent nibbling at the bay. A study published in an American journal of medicinal foods claimed that a little cinnamon over any food let it be sugary as well, keeps the sugar level quite normal in the blood stream and avoids chances of insulin resistance. It helps you get thinner and smarter on the real grounds.

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