Krill Oil Omega 3

Krill is similar in appearance to shrimp but it is small crustacean. These are found mainly in ocean`s colder waters. Primarily krill is served as food item for seals, whales, squid, fish and penguins. Krill occurs in Antarctica, Ukraine, Japan and Vancouver. Main use of krill is in the form of krill oil that encompasses wide range of uses. It is used in the nutritional supplements. Commercial use of it includes those in the krill-oil capsules. This oil is just like oils found within fish oils, omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are used in order to lower triglyceride levels. This oil is also used as supplement for lowering blood lipids.


Advantages of Krill oil are as following;

  • It helps in maintenance of cholesterol at lower levels
  • No accumulation of bad cholesterol
  • It protects joints & heart
  • It eases menstrual symptoms
  • It reduces risk of skin cancer
  • Small quantity of this product shows great results
  • It prevents you from getting the Alzheimer`s disease
  • It helps in fighting against aging and keeps you young and healthy
  • It boosts brain functioning
  • It prevents memory loss



This oil includes fatty acids just like those included in the fish oil. These fatty acids are very beneficial and decrease swelling, platelets stickiness and lowers cholesterol as well. This oil has been proved to be a safe option for getting above mentioned advantages. Among its multiple advantages one most important that links to today`s problems is reduction of fats.

Its use is required for a shorter period and gives appropriate results quickly. It includes Omega 3 fatty acids that are absorbed & carried to body cells in the form of phospholipids. These fatty acids together with exercise & diet work to lower production of bad & low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides. It thus raises density of good cholesterol lipoprotein. It prevents higher level of these two results in serious health concerns and Krill oil aims at keeping their level at lower.


Krill oil with its unique benefits hits the top charts. These mainly include those for elimination of extra fats; it keeps you smarter, leaner yet healthier. Main component is omega 3 that is best known for prevention of health related diseases. It also reduces high blood-pressure. Using this oil you get good health, prevention from disorders related to health and slim and smart body in an easier way.


Ingredients of this krill oil mainly include the following;

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty-acids: DHA (Docosahexaenoic) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic-acid). Omega 3 is also present in oils of vegetables, fish, and other plants sources.

Phospho-lipid derived fatty acids: denoted as (PLDF) that result in better marine lethicin and absorption.

Astaxanthin: this is a carotenoid antioxidant that inhibits oxidation and neutralizes oxidant effects of the free radicals plus other substances within body tissues leading to diseases.

This oil is safe to use because of lower contaminants like mercury. It doesn`t leads to reflux, fishy aftertaste or fish flavors` bleaching that normally occurs as a side effect of fish-oil supplements.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


There are many sites from which krill oil can be purchased. You can also purchase it manually from stores. There are options through which its purchase can save larger amounts for you. Price of krill oil varies according to the package you purchase.

Package comprising of 60 capsules of 500mg each costs $18-$22.5 via online purchase whereas that of in stores costs $29-$45. You save more if you purchase it via internet. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba premium are some of the commonly known website to purchase krill oil online.


Although krill oil is safe to use but sometimes signs appear that relate to specific cases. These may result in case of individuals who are subject to certain allergies or those who intake more than recommended dosage. These include;

  • Chest pain, Fever, body aches, chills, flu symptoms, Uneven heartbeats

Above mentioned side effects may be severe but those occur rarely. There are less serious side effects including;

  • Mild-skin rash, Back pain, Blenching or fishy aftertaste in some cases

Normally side effects are not noticed. These occur mainly due to above to mentioned reasons, individual being sensitive to such oil and those taking more than prescribed dosage.

Individuals having below mentioned situations should consult pharmacist or doctor about using krill oil;

  • Diabetes, Pancreas disorder, Liver disease, Upcoming surgery, Underactive thyroid, Blood-clotting disorder, Those taking 2 or more alcoholic beverages daily


Krill oil has rich composition for tacking certain diseases. You can get leaner body along with prevention against certain other diseases. It improves functioning of body parts and helps in getting better health.