Ketone Ultra

Ketone Ultra makes the most effective use of raspberries. It is very effective in ensuring healthy weight loss. It provides whooping-500 mg raspberry ketones by just a normal daily diet as recommended by the manufacturer. It contains pure ingredients that other similar supplements lack. It is based on very powerful-formula that comprises it to contain best mixture of natural ingredients including acai berry. Each supply contains high ketone dosage i.e.500mg per supply. Its manufacturing is in United States in FDA registered lab.


Use of high quality and effective ingredients is the most prominent cause of many benefits Ketone Ultra provides;

  • Faster bad fats burning
  • Faster rate of metabolism that empowers process of weight loss
  • It offers increased productivity through better stamina
  • Emits fats poisoning elements
  • Makes a perfect blend of pure components
  • Requires just 2 capsule`s dosage per day
  • Makes best use of the money you for
  • Shows quick results



greencoffee_zps66153283There are many ingredients in Ketone Ultra manufacturing. Detailed benefits of all these are given below. Each of these ingredients performs their functions both individually and collectively. Acai berry reduces appetite and improves metabolism. The collective results of these are enhanced metabolic rate and reduced appetite. You eat less but feel fill sooner. By controlling the level of appetite, it automatically reduces the intake of food. You lose weight and also get improved health.


Ingredients of Ketone Ultra include:

Raspberry Ketones: Dosage is 2 capsules per day each of 500mg. As per research raspberry ketones are effective for increasing adiponectin hormone. This hormone performs important function like metabolism regulation & weight loss.

Pomegranate: this supplement provides 25mg of powerful pomegranate antioxidant. Similar to super natural foods, this antioxidant bearer offers many benefits related to improved cardiovascular health. Polyphenols antioxidants increase flow of blood towards heart and this fact has been proved through research. Pomegranate has also been found to have anti atherogenic capabilities. This effect stops build up of plaque within blood vessels. Net effect of all this is increased circulation that helps in fighting fatigue and removing toxins from body that supports weight loss efforts.

Green Tea: concentration of green tea is 400 mg that is far greater than that of other ketone products. It produces effect of thermogenesis that burns stored fats. Catechins are the compounds that burn calories and also work to reduce LDL-cholesterol that is unhealthy cholesterol. This extract also assists to block absorption of carbohydrates.

Acai Berry: it is a super effective food that increases concentration of antioxidants. It is also rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It acts as an approved metabolism booster having ability of suppressing appetite and flushing-out toxins from the body.

Blueberries: it provides additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. 25mg of this fruit must be a part of every day`s dosage. It improves heart health that may be affected due to age related degenerative conditions.

Raspberry: 25mg of whole raspberry fruit is included in this supplement. It is enriched with valuable phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. It includes ellagic acid that is powerful antioxidant and maintains integrity of cells. Other important properties of this fruit include anthocyanins that give protection against bacteria and fungi.

Ketone Ultra is the beneficial product that is made as per industry standard “good-manufacturing-practice” and hence is a credible product.

According to the manufacturer`s claim reduction of body weight by 30 pounds by following a dosage for 30 days. This result is not associated with only intake of these pills but also includes following exercise and strict diet regime. Combination of these two facts with daily intake of this supplement increases result rates.


“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”


weight loss12Ketone Ultra includes 500mg of the raspberry ketone that may not be bearable for some people. 500mg per day may cause discomfort in some people. Important considerations include pre existing medical conditions. Precautions must be considered by those having diabetes, heart conditions & patients on the prescribed medication and similar matters. Have an appointment with your physician and ask of you can take this product without any danger.  For those who are not facing any of the above mentioned conditions, they can use this supplement for becoming slim and lean.


This product can be ordered via official website of ketone ultra where wide stock of this supplement is available. You cannot purchase it at street stores or any other online site. Only official site`s purchase gives surety about being pure. The order you place carries money back guarantee for 45 days but for this bottles must be unopened.


This Ketone Ultra supplement provides effective weight-losing process through burning excessive fats within body. It boosts body`s high energy. It is based on a very effective formula that reduces appetite and helps you control your hunger. It thus provides attractive & slim body within a lesser time along-with a noticeable change of improved health.