Ketone Balance Duo

Many products can be seen today that offer weight loss in easy and simple ways. One product that has shown remarkable results is Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee. It is a revolutionary product that combines well known super green coffee and raspberry ketones in the form of pills that help consumers shed pounds.

Raspberry ketones burn fats and help in losing fats. These raspberry ketones are used in various pills for weight loss. These help people to see results that they want to see in any case. This product uses Green-coffee extract to boost up metabolism-rate but does not cause jittering feeling which is experienced by majority of consumers due to caffeine. Combination of raspberry ketones and green-coffee extract gives more effective results.


You earn large number of benefits when you use Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee supplement. With its unique working method it leads all other supplements in effectiveness.

  • It is based on super-strength formula for rapid weight loss
  • It contains pure green coffee beans & raspberry ketones
  • Presence of 2 powerful ingredients within a single product make it worth using
  • Men and women both can equally use it
  • Its exclusive availability is through Evolution Slimming
  • It is natural weight-loss supplement that cause no negative results
  • Ingredients used in its formulation are clinically approved
  • It is an effective metabolism booster and fats burner
  • It promotes healthy results through regulation of glucose levels
  • It prevents sharp fluctuations of insulin
  • Strong appetite suppresser that makes you feel full
  • Turbo-charges energy levels and thus metabolism
  • Sheds stubborn pounds & inches
  • No exercise or diet needed



Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee helps users with fats burning. Its two ingredients collectively boost metabolism and promote fats breaking down & fats burning. You lose pounds within weeks that no other product does. It targets metabolism and prepares the body to meet energy needs through less calories intake but greater consumption.

Its recommended dosage is 200 mg that gives active ingredients to the body to awake its metabolism plus to urge it for calories consumption. Through consumption of Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee body is prepared for breakdown of fats in an efficient way to allow users to lose pounds.


Main reason hidden in its effectiveness that is unmatchable. It contains recommended dosage of 200 mg of Raspberry Ketone. Use of natural ingredients makes it close to nature of achievement of weight loss in a natural way. It has great antioxidant capacity plus other health related benefits other than weight loss.


Green Coffee-Bean Extract 200 mg: it incorporates CGC (chlorogenic acid) which acts as a fats burning agent

Raspberry Ketone 200 mg: it is a natural fats buster that promotes oxidation & burning of fats

Green tea-extract 100mg: it is an active antioxidant that ensures better metabolism

Chromium-Picolinate 0.54mg: it stabilizes insulin & blood sugar

Guarana-Extract 100mg: it gives alertness & increases energy


Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying…


Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee is the natural fats burner that does not harm health. It instead of causing side effects promotes health by reducing weight & improving self image. Users of this supplement confirm it for its capacity to lose weight. They did not report any negative effects, not even mild or serious ones.

There is just one contradiction to its normal image. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid its use. People who are hypersensitive towards caffeine should also avoid this supplement and try some other as it includes little amount (100mg) of the Guarana. People already on some medication or those suffering from chronic disease should consult their doctor before its purchase.


Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee can be purchased from its official developer & distributor, Evolution Slimming at following discounted prices;

You save bigger amounts plus you also enjoy free shipping when buying from the official website of this product. These also include free supply for a specific period that is extra without any cost on your side. You can also enjoy the offer of buy 1 & get some free.


We see that there are many products that are ineffective in getting users lose their weight. Ketone Balance Duo Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee is a quality supplement. It contains necessary, recommended Ketone dosage for weight-loss with its unique formula. It includes both Green tea & Green coffee-bean extracts to give maximum results. This natural formula contains no fillers or additives and thus is a great option that give reassurance of its clinically approved nature.