How To Lose Weight With Green Tea


When talking about healthy beverages, the name of the green tea is obvious to come into mind. This amazing tea includes antioxidants & many beneficial substances for health. As per various studies, it increases fats burning process and helps in losing weight.

It contains ingredients that are known to be best fats losing tools. It is not just a flavor but a hot favorite tea for the slim body. Kou Tea Green tea leaves contain bioactive substances that dissolve within water for making it a final drink. One cup of this quality tea provides beneficial substances in larger amounts with potent beneficial biological effects. Among these beneficial ingredients most popular is caffeine. One cup green tea includes lower caffeine concentration (about 24mg to 40mg) as compared to one mug of coffee that contains 100mg to 200mg caffeine. Even with this lower concentration of caffeine, it carries enough advantages for having mild effects. Caffeine is known to be the best stimulant that aids fats burning and improving exercise performing.

The most shining part of green tea is an availability of large number of antioxidants known as Catechins. Most important Catechins is EGCC that is the metabolism booster substance. There are two ways to derive these benefits of green tea.

  • As beverage
  • As supplement

In most cases, extract of green tea is recommended.


For fats burning, these fats must be broken down in fats cells and then moved towards the bloodstream. Green tea contains active ingredients that aid in the process of weight loss by boosting effects of fats burning hormones.  EGCG is the most important antioxidant in green tea. It helps in inhibiting enzymes that break down hormone norepinephrine. This enzyme when inhibited results in increased level of norepinephrine. The nervous system uses this hormone for delivery of the signal to fat cells regarding breakdown of fats. The greater extent of norepinephrine results in delivery of much stronger signal`s delivery to fat cells, thus more fats breakdown results. EGCG and caffeine both have synergetic effects. The final result of this is revealed in the form of more breakdown of fats and its release into the blood stream. It is thus available for being an energy resource for cells that require it just like muscle cells.


You can check it yourself that almost all commercial supplements for fats burning and weight loss, there is an indication of tea of some kind being labeled as ingredient. The reason for this is the ability of green tea to burn fats faster particularly during exercise. Individuals who intake more green tea extract along with regular exercise burn fats 17 percent greater than fats burned by men without any supplement. The results of these studies indicate green tea as the best booster with fats burning effects.  Another study revealed that green tea burns fats not only with exercise but also at rest. Many studies regarding green tea end with the result of indicating this tea as the best way for reducing body fats for a long term. The best thing is accompanied green tea with exercise.


Tava Tea Green Tea boosts metabolic rate & makes user burn extra calories at all times. Those who take green tea, help their body in burning calories constantly. This is not only during exercise but works in the same manner during sitting down or even sleeping. This is o because body cells require energy constantly for performing their functions. The fats burning rate of the body with the use of green tea increases to an extent of even 12% than without green tea.  If a person burns 2000-calories in a day, 2 to 4 percent makes additional 60 to 80-calories per day. This effect of metabolism enhancing by green tea persists for longer periods. Using green tea you can help your body in burning even 183 calories in a day. Depending upon various individuals this calories burning rate may differ, but overall it is proved that green tea shows the above-mentioned results.


Cho Yung Green Tea helps in losing fats. The most important of these is the abdominal fats that not only make your belly look ugly but are also harmful. Green tea provides the most modest results with respect to loss of actual weight. 99% studies indicate that green tea has helped individuals in losing extra body fats. If not reduced too much longer extent, it helps in losing up to 3 pounds on average. There are many products that contain green tea as their main ingredients. There are also products that contain just green tea and are thus the best options for weight loss. The level of antioxidants available in green tea makes it the best fats burner.

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