Steps To Maintainable Weight Loss For Women Though Walking…

Walking brings a lot of benefits for your health. Being the most convenient and safest type of exercise, it can help you lose 4-5 pounds every month, without the need of vigorous exercises, or a particular diet plan!

Not just walking can help you with weight reduction; however, it is also good for the overall health. It tones muscles and helps with better digestion. Saying this would not be wrong that walking is the best answer for all your problems, be it related to your fitness, or your health!

Nowadays, an advanced form of pedometer helps to record the number of calories, user has torched through walking. Of course, this is more interesting as one can actually determine the total number of steps needed to burn the calories, in order reach their desired weight.


So you may be wondering, how much calories do my body burn while I walk? Remember, this thing relies on two main factors! First is your weight, while the other is the pace of walking. Generally, a sixty minute walk can end up burning around 400 calories for you, if your speed is 4 miles/hour. Individuals who intent to lose weight, however have failed through this method, must walk 7 miles every day, in order to burn a total of 700 calories each day for the purpose. Such individuals must always consider walking as the best mean to reach short distanced places. In order to torch away additional calories at the time of walking, I recommend the usage of pedometer!


If you are willing to shed some extra pounds through walking, and is in favor to improve the success rate, then pedometer is the device that can actually help you with this purpose! Pedometer has been widely used and acclaimed for improved weight loss control. So what exactly a pedometer is?

Well, it is a supportive device that has some great properties. It encompasses various features. It can be attached to the user’s waistline as it is extremely lightweight to be walked with! Besides the other benefits it has, the device helps to inform you the total number of steps you have actually taken the entire day long! It is a kind of monitoring machine that checks for the progress the user has made, and helps him /her to remain focused.


Now you may be wondering what is so difficult in walking. Of course, we all have been walking from a very young age and are pretty aware of our walking styles. But interestingly, many amongst us are NOT actually doing it the right way! Remember, walking style plays a vital role when it comes to weight reduction through walking. For instance, if you are keen to lose weight and have opted walking as the mean, then the right way to walk is by keeping your head straight, looking in the forward direction.  Pull your abdomen towards your spine, squeeze the butt and walk straight!


If you are a healthy individual then walking is the best thing you can do for yourself. Not just because of weight loss purpose, however, walking is best for your health as well. Make it a routine task, like you work or take a bath.

Though, if you are willing to lose weight, then start gradually. A walk of 20 minutes, thrice every week is enough for the beginners. Day by day, your body will adapt the change and this is the time when you should add to the walking time, say take it from 20 minutes to around 30-60 minutes/day!


For an average individual, I suggest minimum 2000 steps every mile! Remember, 100 calories are burnt while you complete a particular mile. As mentioned earlier, a pedometer is the best tool to count your steps and the covered miles. However, spending some extra dollars to purchase the advanced form of pedometer will merely benefit you, as you can easily record the calories you have managed to burn through your walking. Apart from this, one can also add in the steps by performing tasks that needs walking, for example, going to buy grocery from the store or picking your children from their school back home.

Mentioned below is a pattern that will serve you as a good guideline:

  • Remember, as I mentioned earlier, in order to cover a mile, at least 200 steps have to be taken by you. After you have taken 2000 steps, this means you have burned 100 calories straight away.
  • When you managed to burn 3500 calories, remember, you have successfully lost a particular pound.
  • In order to lose a particular pound every week, you need to take ten thousand steps. 10,000 steps mean torching 500 calories every day!

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