Great Fat Burning Workouts in Under 20 minutes

Get Fit – Burn Fat – Feel Great…

If you are kind of a person who is quite busy and cannot take time out from you busy schedule to take care of your deteriorating physique, then there are certain ways by which you can burn unwanted fats from your body. you should be clear about one thing, for burning fats and losing weight you didn’t need to spend hours in the gym, all you need is the right type of workout in a proper way. Above all diet plays an important role in this conquest. If you don’t quit unhealthy lifestyle, you every effort would be good for nothing.

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible without the expense of sparing a lot of time, then you have incredible just 20 minutes workout that may help  you getting rid of these unwanted ugly fats that are causing you feel sick about yourself. One thing must be kept in mind that when you are in gym you need to focus all your energy to work your heart out for those 20 minutes because the time spent in gym is as demanding as it is for maintaining that physique. If you don’t put enough hard work in training then chances of achieving your goal are very meager.

Before setting out for the gym, you need to know some important thing, which will lead you all the way to your destination.

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  • Diet plan matters a lot. If you don’t eat healthy, your time in the gym would ago all in vein. It is medically proven that more than 80% fat burn is achieved from a maintained diet plan.
  • No need to spend hours in the gym.
  • You can achieve your goal with short but intense sessions.

If you want to lose weight quickly and don’t have enough time then here are some workouts you can try, without feeling that you have spent a whole day in the gym. When you will start your exercise plan you would realize that it’s easier said than done, so you need to be persistent and determined in order to attain a physique you always wanted. Lets us begin with the exercises;

Use common compound lifts

While you are on a weight loss program, you whole focus should be on compound lifts. You should mostly rely on common dumbbells. These are really helpful in burning calories. You need to couple your upper and lower bony exercises in such a way that your whole body feels the stress of work out. In this way, you will burn fats more quickly and you will not be in need to spend a lot of time in the gym. These exercises will also stimulate your metabolism and boost your stamina and energy.

Combination of exercises

You must couple your exercises in such a way that your upper and lower both halves of the body get benefited from the workout. Your exercise should be planned in such a way that when you are performing one set, the other is at rest and vice versa.  In this way, you will be able to work out more intensely and the result would be appreciable. You will also be able to repeat the whole cycle without getting exhausting.

Lift heavy weights

Don’t go for the lighter weights. That would be a mistake if you opt for the lighter weights. Research has revealed that powerlifting helps a lot in burning fat and calories. By lifting heavier weights, you will not only shed unwanted fats but will also develop a load of stamina and energy to get you through the day. Heavyweights let you develop lean muscle mass and carves out fine definition of muscles of your body. In your weight loss program, you need to keep the loads constant so you may develop even lean muscle mass.

Your program of the workout

Here is your plan for the workout. you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, just 20 min of these exercises will get through the hard time you are in regarding your body.


  • 8 repetitions squats
  • 8 repetitions of bench press
  • 1 min of rest

Repeat the whole process.

  • Deadlifts for 8 repetitions
  • Bent over barbell rows for the same amount if repetitions
  • 1 min break

Proceed as follows

  • 10 repetitions of lunges
  • 10 shoulder press with dumbbells
  • Break for 1 min

Now it’s time for the final round

  • Hanging leg raise for 15 to 20 reps
  • Plank exercise for 1 min hold.
  • Break

Repeat the overall process. In order to achieve the maximum results, you need to stick to the routine. Don’t find the easy way out in the gym. Train hard and you will start seeing results within short span of time.

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