Foods to help you lose weight

If you’re looking to lose weight effectively and quickly, finding your way to a diet plan that is effective and one you can stick to is a tricky business.

In order to lose weight effectively and quickly you have to take in food which has fewer calories than your body burns. And there are certain foods that you can eat as these can aid you in feeling full longer and help control your mid-day/night cravings, while some of these foods can also help speed up your metabolism.

Here we list a number of foods which will not only help you lose weight but will also not prove to be too bland for your taste buds.


almondsThe next time you feel like taking a mid-day snack, grab a handful (but careful not to eat too much) of almonds and here’s why; studies have shown that eating almonds can help you stay satisfied in terms of your hunger throughout the day, in turn eat less otherwise. A handful of almonds (about 22 almonds) may contain only about 160 calories, plus you get a healthy dose of monounsaturated fat, fiber and protein as well.


eggs1For breakfast, bite into an egg every morning if you want to lose weight. A study in the Nutrition Research has found out that eating eggs in breakfast helps you feel less hungry, while it also stabilizes the blood sugar levels and helps intake fewer calories throughout the day.

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beansAnother food item on the list to eat if you’re trying to lose weight is beans. Beans are known to be inexpensive, found in a considerable variety and most importantly, filling! These are high in fiber, therefore slow to digest. You feel full for longer and keeps your hunger pangs in control.


yogurtIn addition, add full-fat yogurt to your diet and experience your waist-line become thinner quicker. Yogurt is known to contain probiotic bacteria which can help improve the function of a human gut. It can further help protect you against leptin resistance (main hormone that drives obesity).


fishAnother efficient source of protein which can help you feel full-filled and further help you lose weight is fish. According to some studies fish protein is considered more satisfying compared to beef protein when it comes to curbing your appetite. This is because fish meat is naturally high in amino acid L-glutamate, which is linked with umami – a savory rich taste associated with satiety.

Dark chocolate:

dark-chocolateNow this one is for all the ones with a sweet tooth or chocolate lovers. Research suggests that eating dark chocolate rather than the milky bar of chocolate can help you reduce your appetite throughout the day. In a study, chocolate lovers who were given dark chocolate instead of the milky ones ate 15 % less pizza a few hours later.

Chili pepper:

chilliWe have good news for people who prefer their meals to be spicier too, this one’s for you. Chili peppers are known to contain a substance called capsaicin, it helps reduce appetite and increases the fat burning process in the human body.


potatoesA lot of people believe that eating potatoes can lead you to gain weight, however, you may feel content to know that this is not entirely true. Potatoes have been ranked number one on the satiety index (published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1995). It is argued that potatoes satisfy hunger because they contain complex starch molecules that the human body cannot digest quickly.

Cruciferous Vegetables:

cruciferous-vegetablesCruciferous vegetables basically includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are high in fiber, proteins and are in fact fulfilling too.


lemonsSqueezing a little lemon juice and adding it to your food not only makes it taste better, but also helps you fight off your cravings for food. Lemons are alkaline in nature, these help promote an optimal pH in intestines, this further helps with the digestion process and aids in weight loss.

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Pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and black beans are another kind of food which can help you lose weight effectively. People have been filling their bellies with lentils for years and years and these have definitely proven to control untimely hunger pangs.


soupsLast but not the least, soups have also proved useful when you’re looking to lose weight. As mentioned previously in the article, meals which have low energy density are tend to make people eat less, and in turn consume fewer calories. These low energy density foods contain a lot of water, but you can also add water to your food by making a soup.

So we suggest that you give the food items in this list a try and see yourself lose weight and become slimmer in no time!