Doctor Oz needs no introduction for many, particularly for the ones with weight gain concerns. He is a famous TV personality who is a cardiothoracic surgeon by profession. Dr. Oz has always managed to steal the limelight through introducing foods and products that can help masses lose weight, however, something that raised the eyebrows of many was the introduction of a diet that was solely made and presented by Dr.Oz himself!

For his knowledge and wisdom with regard to weight loss, his day-off diet was seriously taken and considered by the majority. So, without exaggerating our article, lets move on to know more about his ‘invention’! Let’s learn how unique it is, what it actually offers and how effectively it can work to shed pounds!


Day-off diet is for all those who cannot compromise on their favorite foods while following a diet plan. Interestingly, it permits the consumption of foods that are normally restricted by other diets. Yeah, that is the cool part of day-off diet!

Normally what happens when you follow other diets is that you stop the intake of foods you like for the time period. This successfully works in your favor and you manage to cut the excess pounds. However, after you resume your old eating habits, you regain those pounds you have managed to lose after great struggle! So, is there any use of following such a diet?

However, following the Day-off diet gives you a golden chance to fulfill your cravings once every week! As the name of the diet suggests, users are given a free hand to pamper themselves with whatever food they love to eat, after following the diet for six days! Yeah, this means, one day off after every 6 days!

The concept behind the formula is to make them eat unhealthy foods in moderation so that they work least against your weight loss goals. Now, you may be wondering how! Look, as you consume healthy offerings six days a week, taking high calorie foods for just a single day would make no serious damage! It is more like a strategy to limit the consumption of such foods.


Apart from letting you eat your favorite foods for a day, the second best part about following the day-off diet by Dr.Oz is that exercise is not a compulsion! I know, that’s hard to believe but that’s true! However, exercising your body is highly favorable for definite weight loss and your overall health. Thus, if you wish to incorporate exercise in your diet plan, then you can expect to receive superior results.

Though, breaking sweat is not the rule! Weight can also be cut otherwise; however, one may not lose massively as in the case of workout out harder! What is more important is that you are actually limiting your calorie intake; this is something that will actually help with the purpose. However, the ones willing to spice up their weight loss results can consider doing workouts in conjunction!


Common, we all like to snack, but what if, if these treats in between the meals turn out to be healthy for you? There are innumerable diets that advise everything about foods that need to be consumed at meal times, however, these diet simply lack information pertaining to snacks! Snacks work to keep our body going smooth till we supply it with full-fledged meals!

Thankfully, the diet introduced by Dr.Oz is a total different case. It offers a number of snacking ideas that work to further help you lose weight! Apart from being healthy, these snacks are also good for your taste buds such as avocados, nuts etc. Well, this simply means that the diet will not just help to shed away fat, but will also help to keep your body revived and energized all day long!


Since day-off diet is a new introduction in the line, thus, one may not find ample amount of research facts about it. Though, the ones who have actually tried it have found the diet promising.

Interestingly, the master mind behind the diet, Dr. Oz has dedicated three long years in its creation. According to him, he has done great research work, studies and experiments to come up with a diet plan that can work for everyone.

To check its efficacy, he conducted a research using as many as thousands of individuals with weight gain problem as a sample. The best thing about the participants was that all have different goals. Few were expecting fast shedding of fats, while others did not mind losing slowly but were eager to lose permanently.

On an average, every group managed to lose 7 pounds in 7 days. This simply indicates towards the effectiveness of this diet plan. Following it for longer period of time can help users drop more weight.


Even though, the most interesting element of this diet is the one that allows you to take a day off from healthy eating, yet there are other things that work to make the diet effective. So, what are these contributing elements?

Dr. Oz has set the following steps that need to be followed by the ones looking forward for serious fat shedding through the diet plan:


The very first step is to begin your day, drinking a glass full of lukewarm water and lemon. This will rev up your metabolism and digestive system. Not just this, your body will also be able to soak in more nutrients, which means a healthy weight loss journey!


The second rule is to take protein in breakfast. As per the research, taking protein in breakfast can help you curb your hunger. This simply means that you will be able to avoid extra munching and thus, would lower your calorie consumption.


The diet by Dr.Oz is more like a comprehensive guide for weight loss. It includes innumerable recipes for you to make your meals healthy. These meals will supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs for healthy weight loss.


Well, its about the fun element! That allows you to have anything that attracts your taste buds, for your body has enough fuel to burn calories now!


As said, the diet encompasses advises and healthy options for snacks. These snacks will not just work to facilitate further weight loss, but will also keep your energy levels raised!


As the diet suggests you to eat healthy foods, likewise, it focuses on fruits as well. According to it, users must take no less than a single serving each day. They can have any fruit they like.


So, this was the day-off diet by Dr.Oz! Will it effectively work for all, cannot be said, however, considering the nature of this diet, one cannot deny the fact that it has potential! No doubt, losing weight requires dedication and will power, rest, does a good diet plan!

The day-off element added by Dr.Oz is something that adds charm to his formula, something that is more like a reward for people who manage to follow a healthy eating plan for six days! So, best of luck!

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