Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet Plan

Working people especially those working in offices face a lot of issues regarding weight loss. According to a survey, the obesity rate is much higher in those personals working 9 to 5 in offices than those working out here in fields. One of the core reasons for the increased weight in the folks is due to the lack of basic knowledge about the healthy diet plan which they need in order to maintain their weight.

Another reason which causes extra fats to accumulate is the minimal physical activities. This is due the reason because they work most of the time sitting on the chair working in front of a computer, so they scantly have time to work out to keep them slim and fit.

The 7 day GM diet plan was originally laid down by the general motors, to keep their employs aware of the facts and possible ways by which they could reduce extra weight at any time of their lives. The effectiveness of the plan has earned it a worldwide popularity and huge following.

This is a wonder diet plan that helps reduce phenomenal 10to 20 pounds in just a matter of the week. if you are the one facing the same issue, and seeking ways to lose weight without the expense of hours sweating in the gym here is the miraculous plan for you. One of the best thing about the program is, it has been formulated under the keen observation of experts and has been tested and proved. It starts from the ground up and helps in crazy weight loss without pushing you to do anything that you don’t like. Let us break down for your knowledge, what this 7-day diet plan comprises of;

We will start from start from day one and briefly, explain step by step;

Day 1

Day one also goes by the name of adjustment day. You kick start your diet plan from the basics. You need to stipulate you menu containing solely fruits. Apart from your menu, you need to follow following rules wholeheartedly;

  • Consume plenty of water; say 10 to 12 glasses every day.
  • Rely on fruits and avoid any unhealthy intake, for instance, junk food.
  • Refrain from bananas and other oily products like a burger, roast etc.

According to experts, apple is very good to take a start with. It has wonderful abilities in controlling fats in your body. You can proceed further with other fruits at lunch and dinner.

Day 2

If you are not much of a vegetarian, then this day might be the hardest day for you. Once successfully steering out of day one, you step into the day of vegetables.  On the 2nd day of your 7-day diet plan you tend to target vegetables only, keeping in mind the following instructions;

  • Consume as many green vegetables as you can let them be raw and cooked.
  • You should not hesitate from drinking a large amount of water.
  • Strictly avoid oily products.

You may find this hard but as you pass through it, you will start to feel much lighter and happier.


Day 3

Let us hit day three. On this day you’re going to make a sweet melody of fruits and vegetables. in other words, blend the previous two-day plans together. On day three your focus would be all fruits and vegetables, along following these simple rules;

  • Water! Do not forget to drink 10 to 15 glasses of water every day. Yes, this is a huge amount; you can break down this into several times of the day. It is not mandatory to drink all of it at one time.
  • Fresh fruit juices are going to add a bit more taste your plan.
  • Prohibit eating bananas and potatoes.

You may start you day with fruits to add taste to your taste buds and ending ion vegetables in the night.

Day 4

You are doing well. Entering day 4 you would now eat bananas, milk and exclusive GM diet soup. The recipe of the soup is available on the internet.  Keep in mind the following directions,

  • Consume 8 to 10 bananas
  • 3 glasses of milk
  • Drink of a lot of water
  • Avoid cholesterol-rich products

Day 5

You are almost there. In day five there is a sweet twist. If you are a meat lover you would love this day, for the vegetarian you can consume rice. Keep in mind the following steps;

  • Consume lean meat like fish or brown rice.
  • Drink 10 to 15 glasses of water.
  • Tomatoes are going to be a great addition. Eat 6 to 8 tomatoes.
  • Like always no oily things.


Day 6

You are almost at the end. Proceed by these rules;

  • Consume a healthy amount of vegetables.
  • You may have lean meat or brown rice
  • Drink plenty of water
  • No oily things as always.

Day 7

You have conquered it. Woohoo, finally you are there. On the big day, you may blend 3 foods together. Keep in minds the stated rules;

  • Eat lean meat like fish.
  • Mix as many vegetables as you can in the rice.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid oily foods.

You may continue with the plan for even better results, but this tested and proven that after 7 days you would feel like you are totally transformed.

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