5:2 Fast Formula

This 5:2 fast formula product makes a part of the famous fast diet program. Fast diet involves calorie-restriction for 2 non consecutive days per week. For the remaining five days, it allows unconstrained eating. This diet is intermittent fasting. It specifies low consumption of calories which are specified for men & women. 2 days fasting within a week are much easier than continuous calorie restriction. This diet promotes weight loss plus provides other beneficial effects. This is unique formula based solution for weight management. This product is a proprietary unique blend of components that combine to show desired results. It reduces appetite to make you eat less.

It is composed of vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients for making it effective. It is particularly designed for managing appetite, intake of calories and replacement of vitamins & minerals that needed to be sacrificed during fasting. 5:2 effectively reduces appetite levels so that your fasting days become easier. You feel full after a small food intake and feel less hungry with passage of days. It also reduces appetite during normal days so that weight can be controlled more easily. In weight loss one key factor is calorie control. This product makes it easy to control calorie intake during fasting & non fasting days.


5:2 fast formula is a combination of benefits that you want from your fast diet plan. Take a look at some of those benefits;

  • Effectively suppresses appetite during fasting-days
  • Controls daily calories intake
  • Consists of all-natural clinically approved ingredients
  • Shows results within few days
  • Replaces nutrients & vitamins lost during fasting
  • Based on fasting principles
  • Source of powerful antioxidants
  • Have water binding effects to make you feel full



5:2 fast formula creates feelings of fullness with its water binding effects. It is a derivative of Konjac root. It has extraordinary capacity of holding water. It is most viscous among all dietary fibers. It creates thick gel type substance that delays gastric-emptying and slows down sugar`s release in to the bloodstream.

This gel formation lowers blood glucose level as well. Additionally it improves blood lipid profiles and lowers systolic pressure eventually. These effects greatly benefit users having metabolic syndrome. Supporting minerals and vitamins in 5:2 diet include vitamins like B2 & B12. Related minerals include copper & iron for helping in reducing sacrificed nutrients & vitamins during fasting diet. All these components perform their functions both individually and collectively with other ingredients to give best possible results.


5:2 fast formula is recommended because those following the fast diet plan may feel it difficult to rely on less food intake than that of during normal days. It reduces appetite not only during two fasts but also during normal days when there is no restriction on eating. It makes your dieting an easy one for you. So you lose benefits without finding it really hard to overcome your appetite.


There are no specific disadvantages that result from intake of 5:2 fast formula pills. However, dieters should consider following precautions.

  • Reducing food may cause nutrients deficiency which is not explained by 5:2 diet program
  • Fasting reduces energy levels that may create problems for performing daily tasks
  • Pregnant women should not go for fasting
  • Other people who should avoid this product include children, type-1 diabetes, patients who have recently recovered from surgery
  • Eating disorders may result from intermittent fasting


“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.”


Each of its ingredients is described below in detail;


This component slows down absorption of cholesterol & sugar from digestive tract for controlling levels of sugar. It creates feelings of fullness or satiety through its water binding effects. It creates thick gel. It delays emptying process of the konjac and also slows down sugar releasing into bloodstream. In this way it lowers blood glucose.

Vitamin B2

It is chemically known as Riboflavin. It is necessary for normal growth, metabolism and good health. It helps in breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins into smaller components that are then burned for obtaining energy. It also functions to reduce numbness, tingling, stress, anxiety and fatigue. It strengthens immune system and prepares body for fasting.

Vitamin B12

Deficiency of this vitamin results in illness like fatigue, weakness, anemia, constipation etc. inclusion of this component prevents users from experiencing any of above mentioned problems.


Presence of iron helps in fighting against fatigue and is essential to keep you fresh and alert during the whole day.


If copper is missing from your diet, it creates problems for the body to product correct or required amount of energy. Including this component within formula of this product keeps energy levels-up during fasting days.


It can only be purchased online. Pricing is fairly affordable especially for those buying multiple packages for this product. For example purchase of three months dosage may provide free pills for next three months.


If you are going to try fast diet you will need this 5:2 fast formula product to meet your energy and dietary needs. Buy it and facilitate quick weight loss.