5 Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

A lot of people believe that the secret to controlling or losing their weight is only by watching what they eat day and night.

However, in order to successfully and to further speed up the process it is important that you watch what you drink too!

Also, we know that popular fluids like soft drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks are packed with excess sugars and carbohydrates that can disrupt your weight-loss strategy.

Below we list five fluids that you can drink up without filling in on the unnecessary pounds.


As realized by most of the people in this day and age, your intake of the right amount of water per day is highly essential, and not just for your overall health, but it helps you in losing weight too! It does so by reducing your hunger pangs and mid-day/night craving.

And here’s a fun fact, you can burn up to extra 100 calories per day by drinking ice cold water because your body has to burn calories in order to provide heat to the ice cold water to regulate your body temperature.

Make a bottle of still or sparkling water your go to beverage. And if you think water is boring, how about you try and add fresh lemon slices, cucumber to add flavor to your water and without adding many calories.

Drinking Water

Green tea:

Green tea is also considered one of the healthiest drink which you can drink to lose weight, it can also aid the body by purifying it, protecting it from cancer etc. All this, because green tea contains a large amounts of certain antioxidants which help boost the metabolism and burns body fat at a higher pace.

teaGreen tea also increases your overall energy levels and further aids in suppressing your hunger pangs. Just like water, it helps you lose the extra pounds on your body by controlling your appetite, by reducing the amount of food you intake on daily basis.

Moreover, it is also said that you can burn 35 to 43 % more fat if you drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily. However, make sure your green tea is unsweetened, do not add sugar or milk, if you want the tea to work at its best.

Fruit juices:

Fruit juices are not only very tasty but are also easy to prepare at home and are filled with nutrients, minerals, vitamins which are good for your body. You also have the advantage of choosing whichever fruit you like, a few examples include, mango, peach, cherry, peer and cranberry.

However, the two most preferred fruits to make fruit juice from are peaches and cranberries, allow us to tell you why. These two most efficient fruit juices are known to contain high amounts of vitamin C. These juices will help you lose weight quicker by speeding up your metabolism and it will also boost your overall energy levels and help you perform better through the day. It is also a fact that cranberry juice prevents various infections (spread by bacteria’s such as E-coli) that your bladder might be prone to attract, hence making its intake essential for human body. In addition to this, drinking pear juice can also prove very vital for the human body since it has magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit Juices

Vegetable juices:

vegetable-juiceAnother beverage you can try in order to not only curb your weight gain but also lose it quickly is to drink vegetable juice. Vegetable juice of cabbage, kale, cauliflower or broccoli etc. is one of the most effectual weapon which can be used to fight fat on your body. These vegetable juices not only help you lose weight, stay healthy but also balance the hormone levels in your body.

These vegetables are also rich in natural nutrients like phytonutrients and these are a great help when you want to reduce your body fat, inflammation or control the blood sugar level. Further, it boosts your metabolism and provides thorough detoxification. It is good to know, that drinking a glass of vegetable juice before you take your meals will cause you to eat about 135 less calories.

Skimmed milk:

Last but not the least, if you think you are gaining weight faster than you are losing it then switch to skimmed milk as soon as possible. Beware and try not to exclude milk from your diet, this is important especially important to note for women.

Here’s what you need to know about skimmed milk. Milk provides increased quantity of calcium and studies have shown that the more you add it to your diet, the more speedily you will lose weight. Firstly, the calcium in the milk is known to suppress calcitriol (a hormone that makes you fat) and while calcium controls calcitriol, your body will break down fat faster, thus help you in losing weight. Secondly, calcium also suppresses your appetite and prevents you from gaining excessive weight. As it controls your appetite, the less you will eat, and the less you eat the less weight you will gain.

Skimmed milk