5 Best Teas For Weight Loss, Detox and Fat Burning!

Are you thinking of ways to lose weight without having to spend a lot of time in the gym or working out? You must try at least a couple of these fat-burning teas that will help you attack that stubborn fat!

These teas will have different and unique characteristics that will tweak your body performance to accomplish your goals? What’s better than sipping tea and materialising your wish of a slimmer body?

However, you must know which tea will have what effect and what will it do to you. Read ahead as we have short-listed the 5 best teas for weight loss, detox, and fat burning!

If you like waking up to a cup of sweet tea in the morning, substitute it with a healthier, not so sweet, tea.w

Benefits Besides Losing Weight:

  • Drinking a cup or two daily has more benefits than just weight loss! It prevents diseases and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Tea also boosts the immune system, by boosting your immune cells, which further protects you from diseases.
  • Tea contains antioxidants that protect your cells from damage, makes you look younger and helps you function optimally.
  • Herbal teas are known to soothe the digestive system and help you fight nausea.
  • Tea has no calories! But if you use milk, cream and sugar, don’t expect to lose weight, because they have calories. You can substitute water with tea, or better yet, substitute juices and other drinks with tea.

I guess by now you’re already feeling the need to sip any kind of tea, but hold the urge a bit longer and discover some new tasty teas that will boost your metabolism, curb your cravings, suppress your appetite and destroy fat!

  1. Green Tea

When it comes to teas and weight loss, it’s a no brainer that you should start sipping green tea.  It is commonly known for its weight loss capabilities but it has a ton of benefits other than that. Some benefits include lowering your risk of many diseases, such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, infection.

It improves brain function, dental health, and your immune system.  It also contains a lot of antioxidants which makes it perfect for detoxing!

You should definitely incorporate a cup of green tea into your routine, and improve your health!

  1. White Tea

Camellia Sinensis is the tea plant that gives birth to 2 of the most powerful fat burning teas – green and white tea.  White tea, like green tea, is known for being rich in antioxidants. However white tea has more antioxidants than green tea because it goes under lesser processing and hence contains greater number of antioxidants.

It provides the same benefits as the green tea, but has lesser caffeine.  Green tea would have around 20 mg, whereas white would have about 5mgs lesser than its sibling. So it’s safe to think that white tea may be healthier for you as it contains lesser amounts of caffeine and higher amounts of antioxidants.

  1. Oolong Tea

This is a semi-fermented processed tea which contains many polyphenolic compounds. Oolong tea has immense nutritional value as it’s packed with much more than just antioxidants. It comes loaded with vital minerals and vitamins such as calcium, manganese, carotin, potassium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Furthermore, it contains a lot of detoxifying alkaloids which makes it the perfect tea for your detox needs, and fat loss.

The polyphenol compounds make it a very effective choice for fat loss as it controls your fat metabolism, and amplifies the functions of the fat cells. It further terminates the free radicals inside us, lowering our risk for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and a bunch of other diseases.

Oolong tea is also a very wise choice for your detox session and boosting your metabolism, and improving your overall health, and bodily functions while helping you shed that stubborn belly fat.

  1. Pu-erh Tea:

This is a mellow, smooth, and sweet tea provides more than just weight control and fat loss benefits. In traditional Chinese herbalism it holds a lot of value, and is known to cleanse the blood and soothe the stomach and improve digestion.  A lot of food that we eat , even healthy, contains free radicals that prove to be harmful for us and become the reason for cancer, and other serious diseases.

Pu-erh tea helps you terminate them! Pu-erh tea also attacks the toxins in your blood, making it very suitable for you if you’re looking for a tea that will help you detox efficiently and quickly! It contains GABA and theanine which are known stress killers. This tea will alleviate your mood, reduce your stress, and help you sleep better even though it has caffeine.  So don’t worry, you can enjoy a cup of Pu-erh with your favourite book before going to sleep.

  1. Kou Tea:

If you cant decide between the above teas, don’t worry! Kou Tea is a healthy all natural combination of all 4.

This powerful combination amalgamates the right quantities and the right extracts making it the most effective weight loss tea you can find in the market!

It will tackle all the daunting problems that come to mind when you hear the word fat loss – cravings, stress, depression, work out, dieting.

This is specifically designed for people who struggle and fail to achieve their goals. I would advise this tea to anybody who doesn’t have time to workout and loves tea!

What is unsafe  and troubling about drinking an all natural tea that has been formulated after years of research?

Save the personal trainers cost and invest in this tea, and you’ll be thanking me and yourself in a month, because Kou Tea is proven to allow you a healthy fat loss of 5lbs/week. So if I’m doing the math right, this means you can lose 20 lbs a month.

I hope by now you know a lot of teas and you know that they have actually been scientifically proven to aid you in improving health and fat loss.

However, if you don’t like tea, and you think you want to enjoy the benefits of all the chemical reactions it induces, you can go for Garnicia Extract supplement pill.

It will have all the qualities of a fat-burning tea, and you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of drinking tea and you’ll be signaling your body to prevent fat storage, reducing the appetite, and giving you the much needed energy to go through the day or even kill a work out.

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