10 things before bed to lose weight

The realm of the bedroom can be your answer for getting a smart, slim and lean body. It may come to you by surprise but it is true.

If you happen to ask a nutritionist, they will say your weight loss journey starts from the kitchen, a runner will claim it to be from the track and a personal trainer will certainly vote in favor of gym but these things become useless to a certain extent if the sleeping is disturbed.

No matter what! You must have a good sleep time and to achieve that, there are some tried and tested hacks that can literally have you experience a good sleep, so you can easily get rid of these excess pounds.

Alone in America, people spend billions on various weight loss products and programs every year & not every workout and program is suitable for everyone, it is hard to accept but it is true that the evenings that we spend has a lot to do with our weight loss regimen.

If it is possible to keep the metabolism running day and night without interruption, you will likely to be a fitness champ or lady!

Moreover, when you are asleep then several crucial functions take place in your body, that are associated with maintenance and growth of bones, muscles and immune system. All these functionalities are pivotal to keep our body performing at its optimum levels.

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Bottom Line: sleep has a lot to do with our healthy being, so how can we really make it work?

Here are a few tips and tricks before bed time that can help you to experience amazing weight loss.

  1. Have the same routine before bed:

All humans have a biological clock.

What is a biological clock?

It is basically the fixed time for every mechanism in your body, when will you eat? When will you sleep? Etc, etc.

However, almost all the functions are smoothly done by biological clock pattern but in the instance of sleep, you can actually trigger the sleeping ritual. It means with a little practice, you can instruct your biological clock to let you sleep in the specific time every night.

Doesn’t it sound cool? Because often enough, we simply complain that we are not feeling sleepy yet that is why we have a license to stay awake late at night.

Bottom Line: Having the same routine that includes bed time in the last can actually make you sleep daily in the same timing.

  1. Eat before 8 pm:

You need to follow a few restrictions that are self-created. Closing your kitchen early can be one of those.

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For losing weight, it is best not eat after 8:00 pm in the evening as per several studies, it has been proven that late night eating and mid night snacking can actually make you gain more weight.

In short, nighttime fasting or stop eating early at night can be a real help in saying bye-bye to obesity.

This thing can change but how?

The answer is simple, create a routine. What we mean is doing things in the same routine just 1 or 2 hours before your bed time can actually prepare your biological clock to come into the action and to prepare your body to slow down things, so you can eventually feel sleepy and then can have a sweet dreamy zzz time.

This routine can be doing anything from writing a diary, reading your favorite author, playing your favorite instrument, going for a walk etc but the trick is to keep it every time the same (except the rare changes).

  1. Be relaxed! It is sleeping time:

Relaxation can lead you to have a good night sleep rather you keep on cursing yourself for sleeping late or maybe you are just running in mind the previous day events good or bad but accept it, changing those events is not in your hands anymore but having a good night sleep is that can let you have good next day but if you miss this good sleep, you are more likely to be cranky even the next day and you will sleepy end up cursing your bad night sleep for all that mood swing.

So, what should be done?

Be relaxed at night because relax mind can actually trigger a good night sleep where you put the stress and worries aside to have some quality zzz time.

Bottom Line: Be Relax and have a good night!

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  1. Squeeze some physical activity in your pre-bed routine:

Cardio such as walking, running, jogging or riding an exercise bike can be helpful.

When you add any physical activity whether it is cardio, yoga or resistance training in your pre-bed routine, you are bound to sleep well and on this, we can bet our bottom dollar.

Joking a part, physical activity is just not a stimulator for sleep but it has high potential to burn belly fat.

You are in search of techniques to lose weight so including a physical exercise routine just before your bed time can be a practical addition.

Bottom Line: have an exercise session (even a small one), just before your bed time to lose some weight as a bonus with a good sleep.

  1. Cold air is good for you:

An astonishing new study of a journal has discovered that just by turning the air conditioning on or turning off the heater in winter is likely to aid in reducing the fat that is clung in your belly area.

Basically, when the body experiences cold temperature, the human body tends to attack the stubborn brown fat in your belly.

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So, why does it work?

The body fat covers us like a shield against the cold and the body burns fat to prevent itself or to keep itself warm in cold.

According to a study, when the subjects (participants) were divided into two groups; One group was asked to sleep in the rooms of normal temperature where heaters were working to keep the temperature maintained where as the other group was asked to sleep in the rooms that were relatively cold. After the experiment, it was revealed that the group who slept in the less warm rooms has lost almost double brown fat and that was pretty striking news.

Bottom Line: turning down the heater or turning on Ac can be a help!

  1. Take a shower:

The human body temperature naturally comes down when it is the night. As having the cool room is the key to have a good night sleep, taking a hot water shower is another trick.

Why is it helpful?

Your body temperature goes down at night so your body gets automatically prepared for sleeping. The heat transfer through your skin that is why you may happen to notice warm skin at nights and that is why when you take a warm water bath, it does not only make you relax but it maintains your temperature in such a fashion that you can easily retire yourself for a good night sleep.

Bottom Line: Take a shower or bath before bed time and have a sound sleep.

  1. Sleeping in dark is helpful:

The cells in the hypothalamus in your brain actually respond to dark and light signals as your eyes can sense the presence of light and as soon as they do, they simply send the message to the brain that it is time to wake up!

Yes, you have read it correctly and it does not end here but actually, all the other relevant processes also get started for instance: the release of cortisol or raising of body temperature but just because of a mere exposure to light can disturb your overall sleeping.

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Bottom Line: dim the lights or sleep in complete darkness if you are willing to get a good sound sleep.

  1. Keep Devices away at night:

You are a modern age person and definitely in your busy life, you get time to be active on any social media platform at night or just doing leisure time surfing the internet is your favorite one.

It is time to change your habit, all the devices like cell phones, laptops or tablets. Anything that can keep you awake way after your bed time is supposed to be out of your reach at the night or more specifically in the bed time.

It may not sound to you much but people who keep themselves awake late at night often use one or another device, so it is highly suggestible to turn these devices off or at least keep them at bay.

Bottom Line: Good night sleep = no devices around

  1. Breathing through Nose:

It will not let you snore if you breathe through your nose, secondly, it ends up providing you more oxygen that can improve your overall body mechanism plus deep breathing is quite relaxing and relaxation has a lot to do with your sleeping.

In short, it is helpful to give you a peaceful sleep if you use your nose at night for breathing rather using your mouth.

  1. Know your Body rhythm: learn it & understand it:

Understand your body mechanisms and the signals that your body generates for you like the way you wake up in the morning without the snooze of an alarm despite the fact that you set it at the previous night and the way, you feel sleepy in the evenings automatically without doing much. Notice all these signals and perform or improve them accordingly.

The best part is that once you understand your body signals, you can actually change or achieve your sleeping goals that go with the rhythm of your body system naturally.

Learning about your body is always a joy ride to have as everything then gets more harmonious including your sleeping pattern.